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Class Attire
Appropriate attire projects an image of professionalism, self-respect and complements the classical nature of ballet. The dress code at the Cassandra School of Ballet is to be strictly observed at all times.
Traditional style (tank, scoop neck, long or short sleeved) and solid color leotard in a plain fabric. No cut out backs, halter top leotards, crushed velvet, or mesh fabric leotards.
Leotard colors: black, pink, pastels (Bra colors: black, beige, white)
Tights - ballet pink. (Full-footed)
Pink leather ballet slippers. (Canvas slippers for Advanced students only)
Tight knit leg warmers are permitted.
No baggy sweat pants or T-shirts permitted.
No shorts of any kind allowed for ballet class.
Skirts may be worn after barre work.
Hair must be pulled away from the face and neck, secured in a tight bun.
Small earrings are the only jewelry allowed for class. No wrist watches, rings, or other jewelry.
Sports bras may not be worn in class.
Black or gray tights, white fitted t-shirt, thin white socks, black or white canvas slippers.
Jazz Class:
Black or pink tights.
Any color leotard.
Beige jazz shoes.
Jazz shorts, optional.
Tap Class:
Loose fitting clothes that allow the teacher to see the knees and ankles; shorts, leggings, or tights with a leotard or T-Shirt. Basic black Tap shoes.

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